Sunday, September 6, 2009

How it all got started

Throughout all of my life I have been interested in health, nutrition and fitness. I have been a vegetarian all of my life and have been conscious about how what I put into my body affects how I feel. I have noticed changes in my moods, physical appearance, energy levels and happiness based on how I have fed my body - both nutritionally and emotionally. I spend much time reading labels and recipes and figuring out how to live healthily; however, I also enjoy eating, and am keen on making healthy food without compromising on taste.

My other passion is fitness, especially running and racing. I think the keys to health involve a combination of eating well, knowing how to feed your body and listen to what it needs, and being active -- doing what your body was designed to do: move.

My desire in life is to help people live a healthier life, feel good about their bodies and feed them properly. As part of this, I want to help athlethes ensure that their nutrition is allowing them to perform at the best of their abilities, and their training is not hampered by poor diet.

I decided to start a blog after a visiting my cousin. We were discussing how everyone has a gift to share with the world, and that this gift is evident in whatever you are passionate about. This gift or talent is what brings joy to your person, what gets you excited and what makes you light up when you think or talk about it. For me that passion is nutrition, health and fitness. My cousin and her partner inspired me to share my gift with the world, as I also pursue my calling: becoming a nutritionist. I have spent a lot of time studying, reading and thinking about nutrition, and have knowledge that I would like to share.

In health and happiness,

- Sonja


  1. I am so happy, Sonja, that you are starting to share all your wisdom and knowledge. I love the name of your blog. It is so true that the keys to health are nutrition, fitness and joy!

  2. Hi Sonja. Wonderful to see your Blog. It is the start of a new era for you. As a dedicated exercise and health junkie myself, I will read your new posts avidly. Roger

  3. Welcome aboard, Sonja. I'm glad to see you here sharing your gifts . You can be very proud of your achievements, past, present and future. Health and Happiness radiates from inside out always. love, aila

  4. Thank you for all of your encouragement - I am excited about sharing nutrition and health tips on this blog!

  5. Wow, Sonja. This is fantastic. It definitely sounds like you've found your calling and I'm also glad you're sharing all your knowledge and wisdom with us!!

  6. Very nice blog Sonja -I will definitely come back to check it out. Congrats for your half marathon!

  7. Hey Sonja, thanks for sending me your blog info...I've really enjoyed checking them out! Great information to share with others! I miss running with you:( Lets try to plan a Sun. run sometime,